You are 3 dimensional

Dr. Nova was one of the first general dentists in the Maryland, DC, VA area to acquisition the digital CT scanner and 3D imaging software which makes immediate replacement solutions possible. NovaDental is one of the few select dental implant centers in the world to use 3D CAT Scans for diagnosis and treatment planning. It only takes 20 seconds to give us a detailed look at existing teeth, bone, nerves, and tissues.

Non-invasive 3D Guided Implants

No cut, No pain, No Stiches for Implants

There is no cutting of the gum (flap surgery). 


We virtually plan placement of implants in a 3d model and use a computer generated guided (stent) to place implant with exact precision. 

Digital Radiography/X-rays

Instant, Less Radiation

Digital radiography is instant. No processing time, and emit less radiation than standard dental film x-rays. 


They are diagnostic, but they can also be preventative, by helping a dentist diagnose potential oral care issues in a patient’s mouth before they become a major problem. An x-ray is a type of energy that passes through soft tissues and is absorbed by dense tissue. Teeth and bone are very dense, so they absorb X-rays, while X-rays pass more easily through gums and cheeks.


These X-rays allow dentists to:


  • Find cavities

  • Look at the tooth roots

  • Check the health of the bony area around the tooth

  • Determine if periodontal disease is an oral care issue

  • See the status of developing teeth

  • Otherwise, monitor good tooth health through prevention

Intra-Oral Scanner

The future is here

 No more messy materials on your teeth.


The end of gagging.


Intra-oral scanner takes a digital scan of a full arch or teeth in the mouth for making of crowns, dentures and bridges, and orthodontic digital models and aligner fabrication. 


This also reduces the turnaround time for bridges, dentures and crowns or orthodontic aligners as it is sent directly to the lab electronically through the digital model. 

3d Root Canals

Getting it right the first time

The cleaning and shaping of the root-canal systems are the deciding step of endodontic treatment. Cleaning means the removal of all organic parts, bacterial by-products and toxins from the root-canal system. The organic tissue, bacteria, as well as toxic substances are dissolved in the entire root-canal system with special cleaning solutions. Shaping means the development of a logical cavity form with microscopically fine flexible stainless-steel files (some of them up to 0,06 millimeters in diameter!). Leftover tissue is removed and the root-canal system is three-dimensionally enlarged according to its anatomy.

After this procedure the root-canal system is three-dimensionally filled. We use guttapercha, a material related to natural rubber, for the filling combined with adhesive cement.


Then the tooth is sealed with a build-up material and is prepared perfectely for the final restorative treatment of your dentist.

Laser Gum Treatment

In laser gum treatment (periodontal laser therapy), the dentist uses a dental laser to access and remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth.  The area between the gum and the root can then regenerate during the healing process.

Paperless Charting

21st century

We keep all patients records digitally. 


These helps us to save paper and conserve our environment as well as to have better control across our dental locations and providers, and staff


The dental team has access to your information to better plan your treatment, deal with insurance and improved record keeping. 

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