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Are you missing rows of permanent teeth? Do you need secure dentures to replace the upper and lower arch of teeth? Implant dentures are dental restorations that replace missing teeth and renew the smile. Partial dentures replace rows of teeth, while complete dentures restore lower and upper tooth arches.

A leading local dentist for dental implants, Dr. Dmitry Nova, offers personalized care for the placement of implant dentures and partial dentures in Owings Mills, MD. He helps determine his patient’s candidacy for treatment and works with them to create a custom-made solution according to their individual needs. Implant secured dentures and partials can give you back normal chewing and speaking function and improve your quality of life.

Denture and Partial in Owings Mills, Maryland

Traditional Removable Dentures

Removable dentures use snaps or adhesive to stay in place. However, adhesives can be messy and the prosthetic can slide around the mouth. Snaps may seem more secure, but they do not provide a stable foundation for false teeth. Patients with missing teeth who choose removable dentures may restore the aesthetics of their smile but not their smile’s function. 

Traditional dentures typically lay on top of the gums and do not support bone or gum retention. Additionally, patients with removable dentures still have dietary restrictions against hard, sticky, crunchy, or chewy foods. It is often difficult for patients to eat with dentures if they are not completely secure. 

Implant-Secured Dentures in Owings Mills, MD

Dental implants benefit patients who want long-lasting dentures. Implants are posts that stabilize crowns, bridges, or dentures. With dental implants, patients receive full or partial dentures that allow them to speak and eat comfortably.

Dr. Nova places implants in the jawbone to create a stable foundation for restorations. He can provide efficient and comfortable implant treatment in his office, so patients do not need to visit multiple offices for a dental restoration. To begin denture treatment, Dr. Nova takes detailed scans of the mouth to find the best areas to place the implants. Additionally, he takes digital impressions used to create the denture prosthetic. Dr. Nova offers flapless surgery to secure the implants in the mouth and place the denture. Whether patients require a partial or complete denture, Dr. Nova can help them achieve a fuller smile in less time than typical implant surgery. 

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