Dental Bridge Owings Mills, MD

Do you have lost permanent teeth? Renew your smile with a dental bridge. A bridge is a dental restoration that “bridges the gap” left by one or multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges restore single lost teeth or rows of missing teeth. A bridge is a dental prosthetic that uses high-quality titanium metal and porcelain ceramic to create a natural-looking restoration. At Nova Dental, Dr. Dmitry Nova provides dental bridges to patients in Owings Mills, MD. Dr. Nova can provide implant surgery to secure a bridge for a durable result.

Dental Bridge in Owings Mills, Maryland

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Bridges

A traditional dental bridge uses crown-capped teeth to support a false tooth. Traditionally, patients with single missing teeth need dental crowns to cap off the teeth adjacent to their tooth gap. These natural healthy teeth require preparation for the tooth crowns. Alternatively, patients with a single lost tooth can receive a dental implant. Dental implants do not use the support of natural teeth. A typical three-unit bridge can last up to 10 years without implants, while a single implant can last 25 years. Dental bridges resorb the bone, and implants support the bone tissue.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Owings Mills, MD

Dr. Nova recommends implants over traditional bridges to secure a crown or tooth prosthetic. To prepare patients for implant treatment, Dr. Nova makes sure that his patients are in good oral health. Patients also need enough jaw bone tissue to support their implants.

Dr. Nova uses digital scans and impressions to plan implant treatment and create bridge prosthetics. Digital scans show the teeth, gums, and jaw tissue so Dr. Nova can find the right areas to place the implants. Additionally, Dr. Nova uses dental impressions to create custom dental bridges. Patients with one missing tooth will receive a single implant that does not require tooth preparation for adjacent natural teeth. If patients have a row of missing teeth, they will receive multiple implants to secure their bridge. Dr. Nova offers flapless implant surgery, which is much more efficient than implant surgery that uses gum flaps. Once he places the implant, Dr. Nova attaches the dental crown or bridge prosthetic. 

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