Tooth Extraction Owings Mills MD

Are your wisdom teeth coming in? Do you need to remove an infected tooth? We can help. As general dental treatments, extractions help prevent further complications caused by wisdom teeth, tooth infections, and severely misaligned teeth. Dr. Dmitry Nova offers tooth extraction treatment in Owings Mills, MD. He provides safe, painless extraction treatments to create a healthier smile. Removing problem teeth and replacing infected teeth with dental restorations promotes a balanced and healthy smile.

Remove Wisdom Teeth in Owings Mills, Maryland

Types of Tooth Extraction Treatments in Owings Mills, MD

Dental extractions are simple or complex. Simple tooth extractions remove teeth above the gum line, and complex tooth extractions remove teeth at or below the gums. We use anesthetic for simple extractions and typically use sedation and anesthetic for complex extractions. Dr. Nova can offer same-day tooth extractions and dental implants to patients. Restoring missing teeth benefits patients if they have severe tooth decay or infection. Flapless implant surgery allows patients to receive implants in just one office visit. Dr. Nova uses digital technology to plan precise restorative treatments for one or multiple missing teeth.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final permanent teeth that emerge behind the back molars. Patients typically receive their wisdom teeth when they reach their late teens or early twenties. However, wisdom teeth can also appear later in life. At routine appointments, we take digital x-rays to monitor our patient’s health and can also view the wisdom teeth as they emerge.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth can cause problems for patients if they do not have enough room in their mouths to accommodate their new teeth. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth grow at odd angles or dig into the back molars. As a result, patients may experience crooked teeth and tooth pain or damage. We offer wisdom teeth extractions to remove problem teeth and prevent dental injuries.

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