Single Tooth Dental ImplantOwings Mills, MD

Do you have a missing tooth because of a sudden dental injury? Have you lost a tooth from severe decay? Even a single missing tooth can impact the function, comfort, and aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Dmitry Nova offers single tooth implants for patients missing only one permanent tooth in his Owings Mills, MD dental office. He provides advanced non-invasive implant surgery to create full and even bites after tooth loss. 

Dr. Nova has the expertise and in-house technology to provide comprehensive care for the placement of dental implants. Our experience and technology often allow for patients to receive their new tooth in one day with advanced treatment planning.

Single Implants in Owings Mills, Maryland

3-D Guided Implants

Dr. Nova and his team virtually plan implant placement for each individual patient. He takes digital scans of the mouth, which create a 3-dimensional computer-generated model. Using this model, Dr. Nova he can use a guide or stent to place implants precisely. Additionally, an implant stent ensures that each implant is inserted at the right angle and depth.

Treatment Using Single Implants in Owings Mills

Traditionally, oral surgeons make an incision in the gum tissue to create gum flaps and access the jawbone beneath the gums. With flapless implant surgery, Dr. Nova does not need to make these incisions. Patients do not require cuts, sutures, or stitches.  

Instead, Dr. Nova places the implant post into the tissue without making incisions in the gums. In most cases, if patients require a tooth extraction, Dr. Nova can also remove a tooth and place an implant on the same day. This process is much simpler than patients think and the majority of patients are good candidates for flapless surgery. However, we can recommend grafting services or periodontal therapy if patients are not in good oral health. 

To begin flapless implant surgery, Dr. Nova will use anesthesia and sedation so the patient will not feel pain during the procedure. Then, he makes a hole in the gum tissue and bone for the implant post. This surgery is not as involved as traditional implant surgery which requires months of healing.

Am I a Candidate for Flapless Implant Surgery?

We recommend additional treatments as needed for patients with receding or infected gums. For implant surgery, patients will require sufficient gum tissue for their implant posts. When we take scans of the teeth and gums, we also put multiple factors into consideration. We determine the width of the bone, where we can insert the implants, and whether or not patients have enough bone tissue in their mouths. Our dentists recommend flapless surgery for patients with healthy gum and bone tissue.

Replace Missing Teeth Today

Contact Nova Smile at 410-363-6868 or schedule a dental appointment on our website. We welcome your questions about implants and other dental restorations. We are currently offering a $3500 single implant special