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Do you have one or more missing teeth? Is the gap left by missing teeth impacting your bite? Dental implants are a dental service that can restore the appearance and function of missing teeth. At Nova Dental, Dr. Dmitry Nova offers single dental implants as well as treatments to restore multiple missing teeth. Implants are titanium posts that support a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants can offer natural form, function, and aesthetics and serve as a prosthetic tooth, replacing the root and the crown.


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The Dental Implant Procedure

Before implant treatment, Dr. Nova ensures that patients are in good oral health. He will also ensure that patients have enough bone and gum tissue to support their implants. Bone grafting is also an option to create enough healthy bone tissue for implant treatment. 

A single dental implant consists of a titanium post, crown, and abutment that connects the post to the crown. Dr. Nova provides flapless implant surgery. For typical dental implant surgery, an oral surgeon creates an incision in the gums. This incision creates a flap to access the jawbone. Alternatively, Dr. Nova creates a hole in the gums and jaw bone tissue to place the implant post. He can provide same-day dental implant services for patients who need to replace their missing teeth.

Computer Guided Implant Dentistry

Dr. Nova uses 3D CBCT scanning technology to place your dental implants strategically. The incorporation of this digital technology will support a more predictable result. The computer-guided placement minimizes error and leverages healthy bone tissue.

Ankylos Dental Implants: quality materials, lasting results.

Dr. Nova is focused on the best possible outcome for your tooth replacement needs. From advanced techniques to the highest quality of materials, we want to provide a new tooth or secure your denture with implants that will remain stable for many years with proper oral hygiene and dental care. We use Ankylos dental implants because of their design, quality, and ability to support long-term results. Manufactured in Germany, Ankylos dental implants offer superior precision in design and unique features that benefit patients.

Dr. Nova is one of few dentists nationwide utilizing Ankylos implants and providing an exceptional patient experience and outcome. Ankylos implants are uniquely designed to mimic the natural tooth structure within the jaw. This will stimulate better integration with your healthy bone, a process called osseointegration. The successful knitting of the implant and bone tissue will keep your new tooth in place and maintain your natural jaw structure. 

Dental Implant FAQs

Read answers to popular questions about dental implants: 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

There are several advantages to dental implant treatment. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants helps patients eat and speak with ease. Implant restorations also improve confidence because they create a fuller smile. Dental implants are permanent restorations because they are made of titanium and support teeth at the root once they fuse with the jawbone. Additionally, patients can receive a crown, bridge, or denture secured by implants.  

How long do dental implants last?

Titanium implant posts are permanent. Since they are made of titanium metal, implants offer durability to patients. Once the implants fuse with the jaw bone, they become part of the smile. Although patients may need to replace their bridge, denture, or crown, they will not need to replace the implant posts.

Why do dental implants have a high success rate?

Implants have a 95% success rate. This high rate of success is dependent upon the implant’s placement and the jaw bone’s quality and stability. Additionally, patients who care for their implant or implant restorations will have longer-lasting results that look and feel natural. Implants fail if patients do not properly care for their oral health after implant treatment. 

Can implants fail?

Tooth decay and nicotine are common causes of implant failure. Patients in poor oral health are more at risk of losing their dental implants. Gum disease and bone and gum recession can lead to implant failure. Additionally, the nicotine in cigarettes and vaping products constricts the blood vessels. Because of this, nicotine hinders healing from medical and dental procedures. It is also important to note that high blood sugar and uncontrolled diabetes are factors in the success of your dental implants.

How do you care for dental implants?

It is important that you continue your oral hygiene home care routine after you receive your implants. Brush and floss daily to keep the gums and crowns clean. We can teach you how to floss with traditional dental floss or use interdental floss to clean between your implant crowns. Remember to schedule regular dental visits twice a year. We will examine your implant restoration and natural teeth to ensure that you do not have any problems with your new smile.

Try Dental Implants Today

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