Am I a Candidate For Dental Implants?

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are you interested in dental implant treatment but don’t know where to start? We can help. Our dentists offer restorative dental care to patients with damaged and lost permanent teeth. Dental implants are a versatile, high-quality solution for lost teeth that look and feel natural. Here you can learn more about what we consider a good or bad dental implant candidate in our Owings Mills, MD dental office.

Dental Implant Candidates in Owings Mills, MD

Are You An Implant Candidate in Owings Mills, MD?

The best candidates for dental implants have healthy bone and gum tissue. We need to treat problems like tooth decay and gum disease before implant treatment because implants can fail. Implants fail if patients smoke or use tobacco products or develop a tooth or gum infection. Infections destabilize and compromise the implants. Patients can lose their implants if they do not keep their teeth and gums healthy following their implant treatment. Because of this, we ensure that all of our patients are in good oral health before restorative care.

What Impacts Your Implant Candidacy?

Patients who are immune-compromised, have gum disease, or clench and grind their teeth are not the best candidates for implant treatment. A good immune system is important to the implant process. The dental implants fuse with the jawbone over several months. Once the implants are stable, patients can eat and speak comfortably. Patients with autoimmune disorders or diseases that impact their ability to heal are not good implant candidates. These disorders inhibit the healing process.

Teeth clenching and grinding, also known as bruxism, can also compromise dental implants. Bruxism may wear down or break an implant-supported tooth crown, dental bridge, or denture. We will need to treat bruxism patients prior to treatment to minimize wear to implant restorations.

Periodontitis or gum disease leads to swollen, irritated, and receded gum tissue. Gingivitis and gum disease often loosen dental implants and cause implant failure. We place implants in the gum and jawbone tissue. The bone and gum tissue surround and support the implant and ensure that an implant restoration stays in place. 

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